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Hi to all šŸ˜€

This is my first actual blog and my aim for this blog would be to “advertise” my work šŸ˜€

i guess introductions come in first so Hi!! I’m just another gamer/anime fan/gamer and you can address me as DjLu šŸ˜€ if you saw my name somewhere don’t be surprised cuz its in the DJ Max Technika arcade in christchurch NZ ranked as number 12 or 13 i can’t remember for sure anyway other than being number twelve i’ve also got my nameĀ  as the top scorer on at least five different songs on the same machine.

*Note If you don’t know what dj max technika is google it and you will find out šŸ˜›

well that’s enough about me now lets go straight to business

I’m Currently working on making song games for an ipod touch/iphone application called Tap Studio(

Tap Studio is, like I said earlier an ipod touch/iphone application where a player can create a “tap tap” game out of any music inside the library of the device.

*Note again if you don’t know what tap tap is google it and you will find out šŸ˜›

anyway in addition to making songs for tap studio I’m also planning on making some FoF/FoFix songs šŸ˜€

anyway after im done making songs for tap studio i’ll post the DL link for the mp3 and explain later how to get to my taps šŸ˜€

until then cyaz XD

P.S. I will also be posting some of my written work hopefully they’re good enough to be posted


As said on my other post regarding my project i have decided to create a dojo. I would like to take a step by step approach in saying how I went and created the dojo. I have decided to go from bottom to top and with that being said I first started creating the first part of the floor which i used the shape square for. I then realized that it was harder to make the pillars in line when I connect to the first square. after some experimenting i finally figured out a good way of doing it which was to make a copy of the square upwards with shift and moving the square upwards that way the both square are on the same x and y coordinates or in other words in line. after making a copy i then ctrl+shift and minimize the size of the square from one corner to another to make the pillars that are in the in line with the square. the next thing that i did was to make the walls which was at first just a few normal squares put right beside each other but after sometime i realized that it was better to use a different pattern for the doors. lastly I finalized the walls, made the stairs and corner poles, and lastly added the final touches by adding textures, scripts, and more items for animation.

I’ll start it off with listing down all the negative things that i can think of for my own work. it will only have at most a rating of average in my opinion. the walls were too thick, there is no roof, the doors are too thick, everything looks a bit too basic, last but not least the details were not attended to enough. as a last comment I would like to say that my build has potential and that it could have been better if only i worked harder for it. I have learned my lesson (the hard way) and will definitely will not be doing this mistake on other courses from now on.

Description of Build

The third build that I would like to evaluate is MATSUMOTO CASTLE – Keibatsu Samurai Clan – CSI & Roleplay, Japan Chubu. its a whole sim filled with old japanese castles. The multiple castles in the sim were extremely big as well as being complex and very similar to the real castles. I personally thought that there would be small glitches or details that would be missed but to my surprise everything that I saw simply amazed me. the castles, floor, trees, butterflies, everything was just very “real”. this build, like the second build that I evaluated made me feel like I was again in japan at that time. the level of detail that was put in that build despite its size.

SLURL of the build Chubu/210/91/22/


I’ll start this section with what happened when I got there. there were two people who I’m guessing just met each other based on their conversation on chat. their topic of conversation was obviously japan and how they both appreciate japanese culture and history and this i think is the prime example of the type of people who will be using this sim.

Short description

like the second build this one is full of different shapes that are hard to make.Ā  the one thing that caught my eye though was seeing how symmetrical everything was. the one thing that i found hard to do was to keep everything symmetrical and balanced. the textures that was used was the usual textures that i see on other japan based sims so its not that new to me but it is still by all means beautiful. the scripts that was used were pretty simple like door openers and instruction giving orbs and there really wasn’t much important.

Overall Observation

Overall this build is definitely a good place to just hang out and enjoy the scenery and that i would be coming back there every now and again. I can’t help but just go there again and again for the aura, feel, and for simply relaxing and enjoying the place.

P.S maybe the fact that i want to go to japan helps in making me go to that sim and say positive things about it but i think I do it mainly because of how good the place actually is.

My first plan after visiting a few worlds were to make just a small place that is related to japan (me being a big fan of japanese culture is what helped me decide what to do). At first I thought of making something similar to a house or maze with traps but after learning more about second life I realized that its better to make it simple yet detailed and fully functional. After some more time spent on learning I finally decided what to do and that is a Dojo or a place for training.

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The Build

The second build that i would like to evaluate is “***ASIAN INSPIRATION*** Geisha Samurai SCS Oriental Cheongsam , Anhalt Hill” which is basically an old japanese castle with 4 different floors or levels. first impression of it is WOW!. I did not know that such a thing was possible with second life it looked exactly like the ones I see in games and anime. I think the approach of the creators for this build was to literally rebuild the old japanese castles and i must say that there really isn’t much of a difference between that and the ones that I’ve seen. the build made me feel like i was atĀ  old japan where castles, warlords, and wars were stillĀ prevalent. the first floor of the castle became a bit of a problem for me because when i first teleported there i got teleported to the inside of the castle whereĀ i first thought that i was trapped in there because there was no doorĀ until i teleported out of the castle and saw from the outside that there was a door and thatĀ it was justĀ not visible when inside. the second floorĀ is aĀ dojo where there was tatamiĀ mats on theĀ center part of the floorĀ and blackĀ circles on the side where if it was clicked the avatar would do a “Full lotus” which is a hardĀ way of sitting in real life. the third floor is a meditation room where the avater can again sit in the full lotus position which is main used for meditation. the fourth and last floor was a bit annoying because the room was small but there was a big thing inside it which looked really good butĀ i can’t tell what because it was too big and the walls were visible so i can’t see it from the outside.Ā as the final comment i would like to say that there is a fifth floor that exists its just that i haven’t figured out a way to get there yet.

The SLurl for this build is Hill/95/173/43

The community

The community that would use the build in my opinion wouldĀ mostly be the japanese as well asĀ fans ofĀ everythingĀ japaneseĀ (like me)Ā but its not just limited that. theĀ ambience and look of the place really makesĀ you feel that your in in that japan.

Description of the build

the castle itself is really big but the detail that was in it was extensive. if looked at from a distance the castle will look good but when looking at it closely then all the details and extra prims that is in it will be visible. the shapes used on the inside is not that complicated. there was just a lot of basic shapes combined with different textures which made it look good.Ā the castle uses a lot of trick doors (visible walls that looks solid but can be walked through). as for the interaction there wasn’t muchĀ of it used except in the dojo and meditation roomĀ where users can sitĀ usingĀ a full lotus position.


LikeĀ i said earlier walking/flying around the place made me feel like i was in the old japan. the walkthrough walls was a good touch as well. overall it was a fun experience exploring the whole area trying to find hidden places and just enjoying it.

First Look

My first impression of the place was “COOL”. it was one of the first builds that i saw when i was just going around SL at that time and it really made me realize how powerful SL is in terms of 3D graphics. One other thing I found out was that the more I look around the more I got amazed by the details and capabilities of the build. the area itself was really neat which made it easier to explore the area. the shapes and things in the build are so detailed that it made me think that there probably was a lot of effort and work that they put in to make this whole place. The approach that the creators took from my point of view was to make the place as cool and inviting as possible while maintaining its usability. As for the overall design I personally like the mix of futuristic stuff and nature. My favorite area of this build would be the inside of the dome where clothing can be acquired from which i think is one of the best parts (lol). the entry area of the dome would be the second place i would like to comment on because it is simply beautiful. as for the third place it would be the top of the dome where i can pose and look at my avatar and how good/bad its clothing looks like.

The Surl of the build is

The Community

The SLENZ or Second Life Education New Zealand is a community primarily focused on teaching people and helping them learn through virtual reality. they want to show how powerful virtual reality is as an environment when it comes to teaching. DR. Atkins pretty much sums up the essence of SLENZ in this comment “These multi-user virtual environments offer the opportunity to provide innovative delivery to New Zealand learners and to encourage collaborative development and the sharing of learning resources”.

The Shapes and Prims

After a more detailed look at shapes and prims i can safely say that SLENZ did a great job at making them. the steps, the walls (with ropes attached), the dome itself, the trees, everything in it just had so much detail that i cant even imagine how much time and effort they put it to make those things. funny thing though is that the more I learn about SL the more i Realize how hard it must have been to make those things. there was a lot of circle shaped prims around the whole area but it wasn’t just a plain circle it was a mix of different kinds of circle and like i said it it was only mostly used meaning there were other shapes that was used to create the whole build. Personally i like the whole clear blue metallic texture on some prims but the liquidish metal texture with a mix of colors was the texture that made it that much more beautiful and their consistency in mixing blue metal of different kinds with green colored prims was really good as well.Ā  The interaction that can occur between users and the build was a lot ranging from teleportation from one place to another to being able to wear different clothing and have a good look at the avatar afterwards. the best script that was used for me in that place would be the re-rez board where if something is not right then it can just all be re-rezzed with a click of a button.


Design wise the mix of metallic things and trees was actually a pretty good idea. From the futuristic Dome,Ā  Metallic Steps and walls, and teleporters to the Trees and plants scattered around the place it was like mixing futuristic things with nature and the best part is that they actually did a great job at it considering that those two are hard to mix. as a last comment i would like to give props to the creators and say that it is (after a lot of browsing around) one of the realistic yet virtual or unreal sim that I am yet to see.

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first of all sorry the massively massive delay on updating my blog. I’ve been “busy” trying to juggle a&m and other papers as well as being a gamer and having a life. (notice that the order of the things that I’m trying to do is based on the level of their priority to me ) now after visiting A lot of sims, creating objects and applying scripts to make those objects do something i believe I’m ready to create my very first “interactive Object”

General plan

My object will basically be a WALL that throws shurikens when an avatar goes near it





the wall will have a scanner function and will have two events based on the result of the scan.

it will have a detection event and no detection event.

no detection event is triggered when there is nothing near it and obviously nothing will happen.

detection event on the other hand will have two functions.

the first function will be to throw the shuriken while the second function would be to send a message through chat.

After the shuriken is thrown it will disappear when it travels a certain distance (this might change based on how the work goes)

How make a wall make a shuriken (done)

3.add scripts

4.test (fix any bugs)


My First impression of this game was that it was just another 3d virtual world game but to my surprise it actually wasn’t. just goes to show that things should not be judged by appearance alone. anyway at first it was fun figuring the how to do stuff but after a while it got boring for me until i found out how to move from world/island to world/island. soon after seeing other peoples work i got bored of looking at them but at the same time became inspired to make my own which is what we’llĀ  be doing in a couple of weeks :D.

I realized something really important when I was still in the Philippines. For some strange reason for which I do not know every one that I knew always seemed to forget about or ignore me. I was always the one who was left out in activities or games that we or should I say “they” used to play. The only time that my existence was being recognized was when I do something for them. So I tried being good to everybody to ā€œfit inā€ but after some time people just started to take advantage of that and of me and that was when it hit me and I told myself ā€œfuck it from now on Iā€™m just going to look out for myself.ā€. My selfishness grew bigger as I grew up. It even made it to a point where I didnā€™t help my own parents in things that I shouldā€™ve helped them with. I know for a fact that selfishness is bad and I also know that I am selfish perhaps even too selfish but believe me I am trying to change that. I guess old habits really do die hard. The hard part about changing my attitude about selfishness isnā€™t the money or the material things but the fact that if others are also selfish then why canā€™t I? I think its just human nature to look out for ones own self but hey at least I try not to do it too much by givingā€¦…sometimes

Put downs, disses, pranks, you name it I’ve experienced it. High school is where my haven called life turned to hell and when I say hell I mean all 9 gates combined into one. I Consider myself very lucky that all I got from that was a massively low self-esteem and confidence. Sanity wouldve been the first thing to go but I guess I do have tauro blood running through my veins. Graduating high school unscathed was the BCS (best case scenario) but hey that’s life I guess. I used to separate people into two categories. The cool people and the uncool people. But now i realize that every single person In the world have the ability to be cool people. The key to that though is confidence. As long as a person is confident I him/herself and in what they say and do then people react to it differently. ” people eat confidence they love it when people are confident ” is what a good friend if mine said. At first I thought bullsh1t confidence isn’t that big of a deal as long as a person has money and good clothing he’s bound to be cool. But after getting all that it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. Q.E.D it doesn’t work like that at all. It doesn’t matter how poor or ugly a person is as long as confidence is there he or she will always be cool.